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Marinelli True was created because we felt there were no True Italian pasta sauces on the market.  Made with Truly fresh ingredients in our own family facility we painstakingly source all ingredients and handle them with care and respect knowing that our name goes on every jar.  No other pasta sauce can compare with the quality of ingredients we use.  It's all we do so we believe we are the best at it.  We physically make every batch that goes out our door and as far as we know no one else can make that claim.  

You can find Marinelli True in the USA at select Publix and Whole Foods stores. In Canada we are available at Sobeys, Safeway, select Loblaws and premium independent retailers coast to coast.

Marinelli Original sauces ...the sauce that started everything. Made with 100% fresh ingredients all done by hand in our own family facility that are the perfect everyday sauce but still offer a gourmet taste that is incomparable at the same price range of competitors. 

Marinelli Original can be found across Canada at select independent retailers including Metro and Safeway stores.