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Elevate your meal with Marinelli True Italian Pasta Sauce,
made from the best all natural ingredients.

Chef Marinelli

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🍅 3-Pack Case: 1 Marinara; 1 Garlic; 1 Spicy Arrabiatta ($55/case)

🍅 6-Pack Case: 2 Marinara; 2 Garlic; 1 Tomato Basil; 1 Spicy Arrabiatta ($80/case)

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Made with Love & Family Tradition

Handmade in small batches from the very best all natural ingredients

We actually make this stuff. Every jar sent to you comes straight off our production line. Handmade in small batches from the very best available all natural ingredients. Using only locally sourced fresh ingredients, inspected, peeled and chopped daily, no garlic powders or dehydrated onions.

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Critically & Truly Acclaimed

Chris Sacca (Billionaire Shark Tank Investor, Uber, Twitter, Instagram, Kickstarter)


"My family isn't just italian, we are proudly Calabrian. Pasta sauce is a subject we take seriously. So when the Marinelli's showed up, we were all skeptical. About three seconds after we opened the jar all doubt went away and we realized this stuff is the real deal. Wow. I'll never understand how they pull off that hint of sweetness without adding any sugar. But, I do know that Marinelli's is now our go-to."

Anna & Michael Olson (Author, Iron Chef, Teacher, Food Network Host)

Excellence that Stands!

“We know the ingredient quality that goes into it, and dedication to excellence that stands behind the label!”

Bruce Croxon (Round 13 Capital, Dragons Den Investor)

Highest Quality - Buy it Now!

"I'm a huge fan of Marinelli Sauce and not only for the incredible taste. My kids have grown up with life threatening food allergies so its comforting to not only know the ingredients are of the highest quality but they are safe as well. Thanks Marinelli Sauce."

Gary Vaynerchuk (Wine Library TV & Author)

GaryVee Loves Marinelli Sauce!

"As someone who tastes for a living I am always surprised and excited when I come across a game-changer and thats exactly what Marinelli’s is from the amazing color to the down right stunning texture and length of the finish. I have rarely been in a position where I would get into a passionate debate over “What’s best” but when the Sauce debate comes up next I know exactly what I will be pushing!"

Massimo Capra (Author, Celebrity Chef Food Network, Mistura, Sopras)

Best Prepared Sauce!

"Marinelli tomato sauce is the best prepared sauce we have on the market, it has become part of my pantry and everyone in my family has become a great chef using this sauce as a base to create the most succulent creations. Good luck and keep up the good work!"

Rick Campanelli (Entertainment Tonight, Much Music World Vision)

So glad I bought them !

“Sunday's were a pretty big day in our house growing up... church, sports, family time and most importantly a big beautiful meal prepared by my mom every Sunday morning. It wasn't just any lunch, it was my mom's homemade pasta and sauce. It was the most amazing meal you would ever taste and we waited for it all week long... Those days are long gone unfortunately but with Marinelli's sauce I sort of get to relive those magical Sunday meals.”