Our story is simple, really.

Marinelli was founded on the principle of paying respect to my Italian culinary heritage by creating the finest possible pasta sauce available.  Everyday improving a little bit, and never compromising quality in order to save a few extra pennies. It's the belief that people do in fact notice the difference and will pay a little more for something great. That has been very gratifying and reassuring for all of us here. 

We still work together everyday doing what we love and even though it's exhausting at times due to the long hours, it's those moments when we receive a phone call or email from someone going out of their way to thank us for making such a great product that makes it all worthwhile.

We understand it's not just about making money but connecting with people on a deeper level.  Many people comment on how it reminds them of thier childhood and Sunday dinners at home.  For me personally, Marinelli is a celebration of life. Making sauce has been and continues to be a work in progress.  We have met very interesting and wonderful people over the years of this journey and we look forward with the same hunger anticipating where it will take us. My hope is that you will become part of this journey and share your experience with us.