Our Process

Marinelli combines over 20 varieties of Italian pear tomatoes


We combine over 20 varieties of Italian pear tomatoes to achieve our signature flavor, aroma and texture. Just like decades ago when Italian grandmothers would pick the ripest and sweetest tomatoes fresh off the vine for the family feast on Sunday. Each and every one of our tomatoes are hand selected, and as a result only 3 out of every 10 tomatoes make the grade to be good enough for Marinelli and our discerning customers. We never compromise.

Fresh Garlic

At Marinelli we bring in fresh Garlic daily from our local suppliers so we know where it's from. Every full bulb is inspected for moisture content and only those that have been properly air-dried are chosen for the next step. Each head is peeled of its' outer skin and broken into individual cloves by hand. Just like Italian Grandmothers we carefully inspect for defects and remove those that don't make the grade for Marinelli sauces. Once hand selected, peeling and chopping of the individual cloves must occur within a 20 minute time-frame; and just like our Onions we are trying to prevent natural oxidation and flavor loss to ensure fresh taste. After years of research and thousands of batches we have now overcome this by a proprietary method internally developed that virtually eliminates oxidation. What does this mean...fresher taste and fuller flavor!

Marinelli uses fresh local garlic
Marinelli uses hand picked and peeled onions

Hand-Peeled Onions

We bring in fresh Onions daily for our Marinelli sauces. Each and everyday we hand select every single Onion and peel them by hand to ensure freshness. Only the most select Spanish Onions are chilled, peeled, and then diced within 20 minutes of sautéing. Just like our strict quality guidelines set for our Tomatoes our obsession with freshness carries over.

Hand Picked Genovese Basil

For Italians fresh Basil represents the essence of the summer garden. We take our Basil very seriously just like all of our other ingredients. Marinelli hand selects each and every leaf that goes into our authentic sauces, adding them at the perfect moment to maximize flavor.

Marinelli uses only hand picked basil
Marinelli uses certified evoo 100% extra virgin olive oil

Certified EVOO

Marinelli's is the only pasta sauce that uses 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil and has the C.O.O.C Certification to prove it. Our Oils are only cold pressed which is crucial to preserve its natural antioxidants until we are ready to incorporate them into our recipe. Many sauces actually claim to use Olive Oil but don't be fooled... without Certification it's not the real thing!