Halibut with Tomato Basil Sauce, Olives and Onions

Fresh seafood is always a treat and this dish exemplifies the flavours of a seaside port.
Halibut has a nice semi firm flesh and the accent of tomato sauce with olives and onions
brings out the best of this fish.

Caponata - Sicilian Sweet-Sour Vegetables


A classic dish incorporating an abundance of ingredients from the garden. Makes a great topping for crostini topped with soft goat cheese.

Poached Eggs in the Style of `Puttanesca’

An all time favourite of mine is Pasta alla Puttanesca – pasta and sauce in the `Harlot’ style. This is a robust southern Italian sauce with chili peppers, capers, olives and anchovies. Here we play on the `quickness’ of making the sauce, add mushrooms and make this a meal with the addition of poached eggs.

Shrimp, Roman Style


This dish is not only simple to prepare, relatively easy to cook, it is also irresistible! The sauce has garlic, chilies and mint and these marry so well with shrimp. What a perfect topping for pasta!!